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Aromatherapy Candles by Winsper Wicks

Ryan Winsper makes her candles right here in New Hampshire.  They are made of soy and infused with essential oils.  The wicks are smokeless.  

(not her actual candles)

Chakra Candles by Winsper Wicks

Ryan Winsper makes her candles right here in New Hampshire.   They are made of soy and infused with essential oils. The wicks are smokeless. 

Weighted Eye Masks by Shelby of Weighted For You

Shelby makes her products right here in the Granite State.  Her eye masks are made of soft cotton filled with small, soft beads.  You can place essential oils on them to help you relax or meditate; whatever your reason was for placing the mask over your eyes. You can also cool them in the refrigerator or freezer. They are machine washable too!  The patterns allow you to choose something that makes you happy every time you take it out to use it. 

Handmade Jewelry by Irene of Bluett Jewelry  

Irene crafts hand crocheted beaded jewelry incorporating Swarovski crystals.  This piece is called "Mother Nature".  She made it custom for me.  


Crytals have been around since the beginning of time.  You can use crystals to intensify your meditation.  Use them for protection.  Or to clear your home of negative energy.  There are so many uses for crystals that we offer workshops on how to use them. 

Essential Oils 

Young Living Essential oils are high grade pure oils.  


Pendulums can be a tool to help you make decisions.  Choose your style and then learn to use it.  We hold workshops to teach you how to use them and get the most out of it.  


Long Sleeve Hooded Jersey - $22

Short Sleeve Dress - $22

Sleeveless Dress - $18

Short Sleeve T-Shirt - $16

Split Bottom Yoga Pants - $22 

Zen Boxes 

Our popular Zen Boxes are full of everything Zen to allow you to give yourself some "me" time.  Slip on a soft, comfy tank top along with yoga pants.  Light an aromatherapy candle.  Place a weighted eye mask over your eyes and turn on some music that will bring you into a meditative state.  

They can be customized and shipped and contain so much more.